Too Strict Vs Too Lenient 

My friend and I talked about parenting styles a few days ago.  We are both elementary school teachers and we’ve seen many kinds of parents. We were wondering how to be a good relationship with our children in a way that we are not being too strict or too lenient. 

He thinks when we constantly reject our children’s ideas, likes and dislikes, we are being too strict. Parents’ constant demand of doing things in their way and constant rejection will gradually build a wall between them and their children. Eventually, children will stop communicating with parents honestly. 

Then he said being too lenient is always trying to be the children’s buddies without setting boundaries. I totally agree with him.  I think to cultivate responsibility and self awareness in children, parents have to be clear about right and wrong. If children made a mistake, parents can point it out as a matter of fact without getting emotional. Children need to know the truth and they make mistakes because of ignorance, nothing else. After pointing out the mistake, we can have fun with them again and forget about it. If they make the same mistake again, just point it out again until the children form a good habit. 

That’s just what I have been doing as a teacher and it seems like my students like to relate to me in this way. I have to see if this parenting style works on Bella 😛

Below is a picture of Bella on a golden Reindeer. Christmas is coming! 



4 thoughts on “Too Strict Vs Too Lenient 

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  1. Great post. Actually, the same can be said for us adults. We’ve been trained this way, & I’m glad you’re making a difference. #NOTHINGMatters

      1. Glad you liked it. I’m sure are, but only time will tell. My only advice is to be truthful. No matter how much love or punishment, you give with it. My 2 cents. #NOTHINGMatters

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