My Vegetarian Lunch Journey

Some of my ex-co-teachers were vegetarians and they had a strong influence on me. They told me about how humans had been cruel to animals and that we actually don’t need meat to survive. They said merchants paid so much to include meat and dairy products in the food pyramid. 

I don’t want to be cruel to animals. But I always hear doctors saying that meat provides us with complete protein, but plants only has incomplete protein. So I hesitated in becoming a vegetarian.

Then my little one, Bella, got me interested in vegetarian diet again. She doesn’t drink cow’s milk and she hates meat except eggs. She is a born vegetarian. She has been eating mainly fruits, vegetables, eggs, rice, and soy based formula milk. She is very healthy and rarely got sick. So maybe we really don’t have to eat meat. 

I feel much lighter after eating vegetarian lunch for a week.  I used to sneeze a lot in the morning, but I feel much better now. My mind became clearer and I slept better at night. I am looking forward to eating vegetarian food two meals a day next week and see how it goes.  

Thai Vegetarian Dish- soy bean balls with chili sauce, fried rice noodles with vege and blue green algae, and brown rice


4 thoughts on “My Vegetarian Lunch Journey

  1. I’m proof that you don’t need meat to survive lol! I’ve been vegetarian for 18 years. Have you tried I’ve been a huge fan since they first came on the market. For protein you could try kidney and black beans and rice is great but heard brown is healthier. For omega 3’s you could do chia seeds or flaxseeds & I definitely suggest products…healthy & delish! If you need an algae supplement instead of fish oil let me know I know a few. 🙂

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