Cultivating Creativity

When I started this blog, I thought about what topic I felt compassionate about. I am various interests, like cooking, reading, cosmetics, parenting, and mindfulness practice. I was thinking if I should limit my blog to one topic only so that it will be more focused. 

But then all of these topics are very important in my life. So I decided to just use my blog to express myself. I am using it to express my feelings, my compassion in life and any ideas that I think may help the others. 

I also thought about who will be my possible readers. I am deeply connected with children and women. I feel happy to see them transform and evolve into their best selves. But then I also wish to learn from men who always see things from a different perspective and it seems exciting to connect with them. 

I feel more free and inspired once I opened up my options. Many ideas keep flowing in when I keep expressing my feelings and ideas about anything comes to my mind. I finally realize that I want to help myself and my readers to find an antidote to suffering. I wish to find a path, a lifestyle that is relaxing, fun, compassionate, and sustainable. I hope we will all embark on this journey because we are in the same boat together. 

What is your way of cultivating your creativity? Please share your ideas.

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Author: Rhoda

I feel enthusiastic to share my passion in mindfulness with my little daughter and everyone around me. I write this blog for everyone who loves their lives and who would like to look into it deeply with me.

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