The Depth of a Woman

The emotions of a woman run deep. We women develop our depth through experiencing all of our emotions fully. We are better at tolerating pain and that’s why we are moms. It is hard for a man to understand the process that women evolve.

A woman may appear as too sensitive or emotional. But this is what a feminine woman does. A real woman accepts and experience every emotion so that she can connect with other women. Women share her experiences in emotions with other fellow women so that they can nevigate life with grace and strength. This is how we accumulate wisdom.

When a woman expresses her emotions openly and gracefully without apologizing, she becomes irresistible to everyone around her. Emotion is the source of creativity and power for women. Embrace your emotions and develop self compassion, my fellow women. When you value your emotions, men will start to understand and value them as well.


Little kids

I feel so lucky to spend time with children every day as a mom and as an elementary school teacher. Young kids are amazing. They are so present, so pure, and so genuine all the time. They don’t judge. They see things as they are. They see the best in people all the time. They have a gentle heart and they are so open to love all of the living things in nature. They remind me of the good nature that everyone has. 

My children, thanks for teaching me so much every day 🙂 


From Anger to Freedom

The journey from anger to freedom in our heart is very long. Sometimes people get stuck in the middle and never reach the final destination. 

Whenever we cannot get what we want, we get threatened, or we lose something important, we become disappointed and angry. Some people will express anger every time they feel it. But many of us try our best to suppress it until it reaches a breaking point.

When our anger gets triggered, we exploded. Sometimes the victim of our explosion is clueless about what exactly we are mad about. The root of the anger is usually a need that has not been met. So after our emotional outburst, we feel guilty and we try to suppress the anger again by putting up walls around us.

Over time, this suppression may turn into depression. We grief for the loss of what we desire or the need that seems can’t be met. Some people get stuck at this point if they still have the hope that happiness may one day be brought to them by the others.

But some people who realize that they have suffered enough from longing and pain, they become awakened from the grief. They stop waiting for the people and conditions around them to change. They decide to be happy and love no matter what life brings to them. They accept life as it is, but refuse to be defeated by life. 

These are the things that I have learned from my most resilient friends. 


That Little Girl Within Us

Every woman I kmow has a little girl inside them regardless of their age. That little girl is the feminine self, the warm and dreamy feeling that we have experienced when our boyfriend look at us with adoration. 

Don’t let that little girl go no matter what. Don’t destroy her when you get busy, want to get things done, feel disappointed, or feel hopeless. That little girl is the asset of women, the soft, gentle, open and fun part of the feminine self. 

That little girl is actually not sustained by the other people. We can keep her alive by doing something girly and fun every day, like putting on make up, dressing up, cooking, dancing, doing yoga, etc. It is just like the guys playing sports to feel masculine. 

Let’s feel, embrace and be feminine every day, my ladies. 🙂

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True Power

When I contemplate our life conditions deeply, I realize that I have never been truely free and happy because of them. Even though I may have plenty of money, friends, youth, a good career, health, etc, I may still feel dissatisfied.  It’s because all of these conditions are dealt to me by the Universe regardless of my likes or dislikes. And they will be taken away from me one day regardless of my wishes or effort. 

But I feel truely free when I fully accept and open my heart to all life conditions. When I have found my courage to love and learn no matter what conditions I am in, I am truely free and happy. The true power that we have is to make the decision to love in the here and now. A good life is the accumulation of the loving decisions that we make moment by moment. 



I feel very happy to know one of my friends cured her depression after a mindfulness retreat. I believe in the power of mindfulness can give us a glimpse of the impermanence of pain. When we have experienced the temporary peace at the high concentration level, we gain more faith in the cessation of suffering. It is the glimpse of this possibility that awakens us from a dream. It is always fascinating to witness the beginning of the awakening process. I wish her an exciting new journey.


All of us are made of the same components.  We have the seeds of similar emotions.  We all have joy, peace, anger, fear, grief and desires. Our path is determined by what seeds we are watering.  At the beginning of a life all of these seeds remain dormant.  Our desire to survive and be happy drives us to water different seeds.  These seeds grow in certain conditions.

If we water them enough, they will solidify into entities with voices in the consciousness.  They will start talking to us.  They compete each other for air time to speak in our head.  A few or one of voices, which we believe in them most of the time, will dominate.   Gradually the dominating voice will become our own voice.

Which voices is your consciousness giving power to? Are you feeding the one that you want to become in the future?


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Visiting An Orphanage

I felt quite different this year when I visited the Phayathai Home for Babies. I organize this field trip to the orphanage every year. Today was the sixth time that I brought my students there. But I became a mom now and I felt deeper sympathy and heartache than before.

The centre is a shelter of 377 children from 0 to 5 years old with 43 HIV infected. They were abandoned by their parents in the hospitals or streets. Some newborns were dumped in a trash cans and got discovered by Samaritans. The center was run by the government, very clean and well organized. 

I just felt very sad to see the new born babies curled up in a ball alone. They are all so angelic, so cute and innocent. They wanted people to love them and hug them. My students were great big brothers and sisters. They were so gentle with the kids and played ball games with them. It was very touching to see their compassion. 

I got to hold a one and a half year old baby girl. She was just as old as Bella. When I picked her up, her legs wrapped around my waist tightly. She didn’t want to let go. It reminded me of Bella, who would do the same thing every time I hold her. As a mom, I know how much love babies need and I feel sad that these orphans may not be able to be loved in the same way as I love Bella.

I will never understand how some parents could abandon their children in trash cans. But on the bright side, their lives got saved and there is still hope for them in the future.  I feel that there is still so much for me to do for the children in the world. I wish all of them could get the same share from the ocean of love one day. 





Mantra for Self Compassion

How do you usually start a day? What kind of mood are you usually in? Using a loving mantra or a prayer every morning can help starting a day right. It can induce tranquility and compassion in the mind. A mantra is the main theme that runs in your mind all the time. Is your mantra lifting you up or putting you down?

Here is a positive mantra that I use may help cultivating loving kindness in the heart every morning. 

“I love myself inside out no matter how I look, what mistakes I made in the past, what I have achieved, what health condition I am in, and what the others say about me. I commit to claim full power to be happy and refuse to hand this power to anyone else. I make a vow to take care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually as best as I can. I commit to be more loving every day to myself and the world. Sadhu/ Amen.”

It is fun to write your own mantra. What will your mantra be?

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