Mantra for Self Compassion

How do you usually start a day? What kind of mood are you usually in? Using a loving mantra or a prayer every morning can help starting a day right. It can induce tranquility and compassion in the mind. A mantra is the main theme that runs in your mind all the time. Is your mantra lifting you up or putting you down?

Here is a positive mantra that I use may help cultivating loving kindness in the heart every morning. 

“I love myself inside out no matter how I look, what mistakes I made in the past, what I have achieved, what health condition I am in, and what the others say about me. I commit to claim full power to be happy and refuse to hand this power to anyone else. I make a vow to take care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually as best as I can. I commit to be more loving every day to myself and the world. Sadhu/ Amen.”

It is fun to write your own mantra. What will your mantra be?

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