Visiting An Orphanage

I felt quite different this year when I visited the Phayathai Home for Babies. I organize this field trip to the orphanage every year. Today was the sixth time that I brought my students there. But I became a mom now and I felt deeper sympathy and heartache than before.

The centre is a shelter of 377 children from 0 to 5 years old with 43 HIV infected. They were abandoned by their parents in the hospitals or streets. Some newborns were dumped in a trash cans and got discovered by Samaritans. The center was run by the government, very clean and well organized. 

I just felt very sad to see the new born babies curled up in a ball alone. They are all so angelic, so cute and innocent. They wanted people to love them and hug them. My students were great big brothers and sisters. They were so gentle with the kids and played ball games with them. It was very touching to see their compassion. 

I got to hold a one and a half year old baby girl. She was just as old as Bella. When I picked her up, her legs wrapped around my waist tightly. She didn’t want to let go. It reminded me of Bella, who would do the same thing every time I hold her. As a mom, I know how much love babies need and I feel sad that these orphans may not be able to be loved in the same way as I love Bella.

I will never understand how some parents could abandon their children in trash cans. But on the bright side, their lives got saved and there is still hope for them in the future.  I feel that there is still so much for me to do for the children in the world. I wish all of them could get the same share from the ocean of love one day. 






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