No Self

I felt enlightened by a conversation that I had with my mentor. She is a Buddhist nun who used to be a medical doctor. I asked her how to refresh my mindfulness practice and manage my negative emotions better. She said, “Emotions do not belong to you.” 

“When people talk, it’s just sounds. And we are sensing and listening to these sounds. Self is a delusion. When we feel threatened, this delusion gets threatened. When we feel angry, this delusion gets angry. Anger is Nama, not yours or mine.”

I felt relieved and less guilty after listening to the noble truths. 🙂 Hope they will help you too.


Embracing the blue today

Sometimes when I have been trying so hard not to be blue, feeling the blue can be relaxing. It is like surrendering to not trying and not striving to be different. I am embracing the blue today.

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