The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

I feel so accomplished after reading a novel again. It was written by Mitch Albom, my favorite writer. It’s a story about Father Time, the first person counted time on Earth, who was granted to live eternally. He realized this was an imprisonment rather than a blessing. To get out of this pergutary, he had to meet two people, one who wanted too much time and another who wanted too little time. It’s a nice book about how to be here and now. 



From Anger to Freedom

The journey from anger to freedom in our heart is very long. Sometimes people get stuck in the middle and never reach the final destination. 

Whenever we cannot get what we want, we get threatened, or we lose something important, we become disappointed and angry. Some people will express anger every time they feel it. But many of us try our best to suppress it until it reaches a breaking point.

When our anger gets triggered, we exploded. Sometimes the victim of our explosion is clueless about what exactly we are mad about. The root of the anger is usually a need that has not been met. So after our emotional outburst, we feel guilty and we try to suppress the anger again by putting up walls around us.

Over time, this suppression may turn into depression. We grief for the loss of what we desire or the need that seems can’t be met. Some people get stuck at this point if they still have the hope that happiness may one day be brought to them by the others.

But some people who realize that they have suffered enough from longing and pain, they become awakened from the grief. They stop waiting for the people and conditions around them to change. They decide to be happy and love no matter what life brings to them. They accept life as it is, but refuse to be defeated by life. 

These are the things that I have learned from my most resilient friends. 


True Power

When I contemplate our life conditions deeply, I realize that I have never been truely free and happy because of them. Even though I may have plenty of money, friends, youth, a good career, health, etc, I may still feel dissatisfied.  It’s because all of these conditions are dealt to me by the Universe regardless of my likes or dislikes. And they will be taken away from me one day regardless of my wishes or effort. 

But I feel truely free when I fully accept and open my heart to all life conditions. When I have found my courage to love and learn no matter what conditions I am in, I am truely free and happy. The true power that we have is to make the decision to love in the here and now. A good life is the accumulation of the loving decisions that we make moment by moment. 



All of us are made of the same components.  We have the seeds of similar emotions.  We all have joy, peace, anger, fear, grief and desires. Our path is determined by what seeds we are watering.  At the beginning of a life all of these seeds remain dormant.  Our desire to survive and be happy drives us to water different seeds.  These seeds grow in certain conditions.

If we water them enough, they will solidify into entities with voices in the consciousness.  They will start talking to us.  They compete each other for air time to speak in our head.  A few or one of voices, which we believe in them most of the time, will dominate.   Gradually the dominating voice will become our own voice.

Which voices is your consciousness giving power to? Are you feeding the one that you want to become in the future?


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Mantra for Self Compassion

How do you usually start a day? What kind of mood are you usually in? Using a loving mantra or a prayer every morning can help starting a day right. It can induce tranquility and compassion in the mind. A mantra is the main theme that runs in your mind all the time. Is your mantra lifting you up or putting you down?

Here is a positive mantra that I use may help cultivating loving kindness in the heart every morning. 

“I love myself inside out no matter how I look, what mistakes I made in the past, what I have achieved, what health condition I am in, and what the others say about me. I commit to claim full power to be happy and refuse to hand this power to anyone else. I make a vow to take care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually as best as I can. I commit to be more loving every day to myself and the world. Sadhu/ Amen.”

It is fun to write your own mantra. What will your mantra be?

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Let the Discourse Begin

I feel excited to find the English version of Buddha’s first teachings. This is the first discourse of Buddha’s teachings called Dhammacakkapavattana. I am on my way to study the four noble truths again.


Purpose of Meditation from the Perspective of a Nun

I remember that I started to get interested in practicing mindfulness when I felt much more relaxed after meditation. Probably for many lay people, practicing meditation is for reducing stress and enhancing self-awareness. 

I have a friend who is a nun once told me her purpose of meditation and it has a deeper meaning than mine. She said she practiced mindfulness to prepare for her death. 

The nun explained that the mental state in a person’s last moment is crucial in determining if a person’s mind will go up to the heaven or go down to hell. If a person does not believe in any cause and effect and has done a lot of bad deeds, he will be more likely to be regretful, fearful and guilty at the end. This kind of mind may bring consciousness to hell. If a person believes in karma and has done a lot of good deeds, he will be at peace and more likely to let go at the end and his consciousness will stay in heaven.

Sometimes a person may have done a lot of good things, but his consciousness may remain in hell if his mind attaches to anger, guilt, fear, or anything thing else. So mindfulness trains the mind to stay at present and be aware of what it is attaching to so that we can release our consciousness from attachments gradually. If the mind and the body are released from all attachments, the person will be enlightened, which means he is free from the cycle of birth and death, even from heaven and hell. 

I came from a Christian background so listening to a Buddhist’s perspective about life after death is quite interesting for me. Although enlightenment remains a vague concept to me, I feel that mindfulness practice helps releasing my mind from overthinking and stress.

Do you have any interesting experiences in mindfulness practice? What is your purpose of meditation? 


Filtering Life Experiences

At the end of a day, when you reflect on your experiences, do you recall mostly the happy memories or the disappointing memories? When you close your eyes and feel the energy in your heart, is it mainly compassion or anger?

When I am triggered by stress or fatigue, my mind will be filled with memories about how people have wronged me or how an outcome could be changed. But once I stop myself from going on the autopilot mode and breathe, as I sink into my body, all of the anger got filtered away. The core of every interaction with the others comes from the desire to love and be loved. It is true even for the unpleasant interactions that are filled with hurtful words, anger or distrust. Below the surface of all of these emotions is compassion. We are connected to each other because we want love, enjoy love and suffer from desiring things in similar ways. When we find the compassion deep inside all of our experiences, we are connected to the others. 

When we distill our experiences throuroughly, only happy memories remain. 


Meeting a healer

I just met one of my good friends. She told me a lot of interesting spiritual experiences in her life in the past five years. Right now she is paving her way to be a healer. I am amazed by how open she is towards spirituality. It is interesting to see how my friend has evolved and manifested. I have learned from her that it is not necessary for us to confine ourselves in one particular established religion. We can adopt a nonjudgemental and adventurous way in our soul searching journey.

With my level of consciousness I can’t fully comprehend what she has experienced. The things that she has told me are still just ideas for me. But I think they are worthy of sharing.

She said she had been learning energy medicine for a while. Everyone of us has several layers of aura around us. They correspond to the chakra or energy centers inside the body. If these energy centers are out of balance, it will cause physical or mental problems. So a healer’s job is to help people balance their chakras through counseling or sometimes intervention.

She saw several levels of heaven, Angels, Jesus, masters and many other entities during meditation. She said these spiritual guides always come to guide or protect people. They don’t want to interfere with our free will, but they will help if we ask. These entities have high vibrations. But there are also some entities with low vibrations, like dark angels, hell beings and energy vampires. These low beings will attach to or even possess people with low vibrations. So the healer can help people to handle the psychic attacks.

We are spiritual beings coming here to get earthly experiences. Some souls have reincarnated many lives, but some are rainbow souls which are new ones. Soul groups are bonded by love and we come here to learn important life lessons. Sometimes souls incarnate on other planets too.

These New Age metaphysical concepts are quite fascinating. But I think the most practical things I have learned from our conversations are some visualization and affirmation techniques that I can use to instill positive energy in my mind. I will share more in details tomorrow.

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