The Miracle Morning

 I just finished reading the book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I followed the 6-minute-miracle morning exercise and it really jump start my every day with a good mood! Ok so these are the things that I have been doing in the first 6 minutes of a day.

1. One minute silence (sitting meditation)

2. Set good intentions (be a kind, compassionate and patient teacher)

3. Do some stretching and power walk

4. Hydrate (drink 2 cups of warm water)

5. Send loving kindness to everyone and be grateful to what I have

6. Journal for a minute

I feel much alert and powerful after doing these activities in the morning. I just feel calmer and more purposeful throughout a day. Let me know if this work for you!



Love yourself

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.
By Buddha


The Trapped Mind

When I was in Italy, I got an interesting question from the owner of the B&B. He asked, “When are we truly free?”

When I recalled the past, I have never been truly free from suffering. Certainly, there were quite a lot of happy moments. But I always felt kind of trapped by the conditions in my life. I am always unsatisfied about something and wish something will be different. I was never completely happy.

Today it suddenly dawned on me that I wasn’t trapped by my life conditions. I was trapped by the desire to have something more or less than the present. If I fully accept the conditions that I have right here and now, I am truly free and happy. I was trapped by the desire of the mind rather than the outside conditions. Unconditional self-love exists in the complete acceptance of the present.  

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From Anger to Freedom

The journey from anger to freedom in our heart is very long. Sometimes people get stuck in the middle and never reach the final destination. 

Whenever we cannot get what we want, we get threatened, or we lose something important, we become disappointed and angry. Some people will express anger every time they feel it. But many of us try our best to suppress it until it reaches a breaking point.

When our anger gets triggered, we exploded. Sometimes the victim of our explosion is clueless about what exactly we are mad about. The root of the anger is usually a need that has not been met. So after our emotional outburst, we feel guilty and we try to suppress the anger again by putting up walls around us.

Over time, this suppression may turn into depression. We grief for the loss of what we desire or the need that seems can’t be met. Some people get stuck at this point if they still have the hope that happiness may one day be brought to them by the others.

But some people who realize that they have suffered enough from longing and pain, they become awakened from the grief. They stop waiting for the people and conditions around them to change. They decide to be happy and love no matter what life brings to them. They accept life as it is, but refuse to be defeated by life. 

These are the things that I have learned from my most resilient friends. 


True Power

When I contemplate our life conditions deeply, I realize that I have never been truely free and happy because of them. Even though I may have plenty of money, friends, youth, a good career, health, etc, I may still feel dissatisfied.  It’s because all of these conditions are dealt to me by the Universe regardless of my likes or dislikes. And they will be taken away from me one day regardless of my wishes or effort. 

But I feel truely free when I fully accept and open my heart to all life conditions. When I have found my courage to love and learn no matter what conditions I am in, I am truely free and happy. The true power that we have is to make the decision to love in the here and now. A good life is the accumulation of the loving decisions that we make moment by moment. 



I feel very happy to know one of my friends cured her depression after a mindfulness retreat. I believe in the power of mindfulness can give us a glimpse of the impermanence of pain. When we have experienced the temporary peace at the high concentration level, we gain more faith in the cessation of suffering. It is the glimpse of this possibility that awakens us from a dream. It is always fascinating to witness the beginning of the awakening process. I wish her an exciting new journey.

Gratitude Game 

Imagine if we can switch all of the regrets, the “if only” thoughts in our mind to grateful thoughts, we will feel so much about our lives. I invite you to play this game today.

For example…
“If only I got another degree, I will get a better job” to “I am grateful that I am educated and I got a job.”
“If only I am more beautiful, he will love me more” to ” I am grateful for being me and I have enough to be lovable.”
“If only I am richer, my life quality will be better” to “I am happy that I am alive and healthy.”
“If only I can be smarter, I will be more successful like…” to “I am grateful for being me. No one can do this job more successfully than I do.”
“I will be happy if only I got a boyfriend/ husband” to “I am grateful that I am single and my options are open.”
“If only he could change, our relationship would be much better” to “I am grateful that he is being true to himself.”
If only my kid just does what I ask him to do, my life will be easier” to “I am grateful that my kid can think for himself.”

After playing this game for a while, I feel that everything has a brighter side. 🙂

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Get back on Track

I feel a bit uncertain about my future lately. Maybe because of all of the changes happening in the school management. And maybe part of the uncertainty comes from my age. I feel like it is time for me to have a solid plan to reach my goal. 

I have been studying hard since I was young. But I always feel that I am not good enough and I have to study more. This makes me keep postponing my plan to carry out my goal.

My dream is to set up my own school to teach children how to develop their EQ through mindfulness. I have been doing research and publishing conference papers for four years. Lately I want to fulfill my dream so badly that I almost lose it. I feel like I can never get there and let my worries overwhelm me. 

Luckily my husband just reminded me to believe in myself and take baby step at a time. I just realize it is so easy for me to stray away from my goal when I lose patience. I feel grateful that I have someone who still believes in me and put me back on the right track. 🙂 

Keep your eye on your goal, everyone! Don’t stray from it no matter what. 


Purpose on the Planet

I watched a video about our purpose on the planet (POP) by Phyllis Chase. She shared her story about how she found her love of life after identifying her POP. When we identify our POP, the Universe will work for us. We will be driven by passion. When we are comfortable in our own skin, that’s when our lives become amazing. As we write our POP every day, the purpose will become clearer. 

Since I was young, I have been curious about why some people can be happy even though they have a tough life. I am naturally drawn to resilient people. So most of my friends are this kind of people. I have learned from them that it is our mind that makes our life happy or miserable. We can have everything in the world but feeling depressed, or we can have little but feel content every day.

My POP is to lift up people, to help people out of suffering. I feel compassionate to help anyone who is depressed because of the self-inflicted suffering from the mind. I know that it cannot be done by reasoning. Wisdom can only be cultivated by observing the body and the mind. Permanent change has to come from the heart. I hope I can educate a more resilient and consciousness new generation. 

So what is your POP? 

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